Below are the publications issued with each career fair. The articles address a range of professional issues and are written by both Career Development Office staff and organization recruiters. 

Fall 2016

  • Tips for Hire-A-Muskie, Preparing for the fair, Begin your search, Accounting Alums work at Krogers, Turn your internship into a full-time position, Is a career in logistics or sales right for you?, Events you should attend, Finding a job that is the right fit, Dept. of Veterans Affairs, In the field, Mentor advice

Spring 2016

  • Using Hire-A-Muskie, First Year & the Career Fair, Your Search Begins, Diversity Reception, Darjanae Hopper at Enterprise, Defining your Transferable Skills, Dressing for the Fair, From Court to Conference Room, Making the Most of your College Career as an Athlete, Thank you notes, Networking for Introverts, Career Fair Pitch, Working at Children's Hospital Research Foundation, Adam Brandner at CDK Global,Mentee/Mentor Perspective, Tips on Being Professional

Fall 2015

  • Employer profile location, What to wear, Your LinkedIn profile, Leveraging your on-campus involvement, Internships, Luxottica internships, Meni Johnson at Waffle House, A degree in history, Networking, Advice for MBAs from an MBA

Spring 2015

  • Why should we hire you? The position I want isn't posted, Soft skills, What to do with a passion for math

Fall 2014

  • What does the career fair even mean? Soft skills