Xavier University’s Career Development Office has launched an experiential education opportunity designed to expose students to their potential career fields.  This is a voluntary (non-paid) job shadow experience allowing students to learn about careers directly from employers, alumni, and friends of Xavier. The name of this program is MUSKIE FOR A DAY. Students will gain real-world insights on company culture, product and services, and industry by spending time observing and talking with their employer host. Employers have the option of hosting a student for a full or half day. This experience will take place during Spring Break week, March 5-9th. 

There are a number of great benefits for participating in the MUSKIE FOR A DAY program!  Here are just a few:

As an Employer (Click here to fill out and submit the interest form)

  • Great marketing tool- Employers often look for creative ways of connecting with students. This is an opportunity to dramatically increase your on-campus visibility, while building rapport with a wide variety of students interested in the field.
  • Tap into our talent pool- MUSKIE FOR A DAY can be used as an effective recruiting tool that allows you to meet potential job applicants for your open positions.This is a great opportunity to identify candidates, from our talented pool of students, early in the recruiting process.
  • Provide a “real-world” experience- Be a part of a high impact learning opportunity that will help students identify their dream career.
  • Increase your ROI- This is an absolutely FREE program. There is no cost, except the time you will invest shaping the career path of students. 
  • Note: Employers are not guaranteed a match upon registration. Matches are based upon shared preferences of both the student and employer.


As an Alumnus (Click here to fill out and submit the interest form

  • “Help a Muskie out!”- Once a Muskie, always a Muskie! An important part of your educational experience at Xavier was learning the importance of service and giving back.  MUSKIE FOR A DAY provides a non-monetary opportunity for alumni to give back to the university, simply by donating your time and professional experience. That’s what Muskie pride is all about. All For One and One For All! 


As a Student (Click here to fill out and submit the interest form

  • Is this the right career? – Being exposed to the career of your choice is a great way to determine if it’s the right fit for you long term.
  • Establish a strong professional network- Knowing the right people never hurts. The Muskie for A Day program is a great way to meet people in your field.  Who knows, they can help you land a job later on or help introduce you to others in the industry.
  • Apply classroom knowledge - Compare what you are learning in the classroom to a real-world work setting. 
  • Participating Employer List - Click here
  • Note: Students must attend a mandatory Career Development Office orientation prior to meeting with the employer. Click here for more details and orientation dates. 


Below are examples of activities employers can plan for their student(s):

  • Company overview/informational
  • Tour facilities
  • Conduct informational interviews with a variety of key personnel
  • Attending meetings and other functions
  • Review company literature
  • Go to lunch
  • Schedule Q&A  with staff  (students can observe and ask questions on what they learned)
  • Take part in focus groups
  • Set up 1 hour rotations in various department
  • Mock interview and feedback 


How to apply:

EmployersClick here to fill out and submit the interest form

Students:    Click here to fill out and submit the interest form


If you have any questions about the program or need additional information, please contact April Robles, Senior Assistant Director, External Relations & Mentoring, roblesa1@xavier.edu or (513)745-3116.