Xavier's new Williams College of Business building opens on Tuesday, June 29, for faculty and staff

The move into the new space in the Stephen and Dolores Smith Hall takes place over several days | June 24, 2010

Faculty and staff of the Williams College of Business begin moving into their new offices in the Stephen and Dolores Smith Hall on Tuesday morning, June 29. The newly constructed building is part of the James E. Hoff, S.J., Academic Quad, which also includes the Conaton Learning Commons, also nearing completion, and a new central utility plant.

Both buildings in the Hoff Quad have been constructed at the corner of Dana Avenue and Ledgewood Drive as part of the $200 million To See Great Wonders Campaign, which also includes construction of a new residence hall, now underway, and growing the University’s endowment and Annual Fund. Construction fencing has been removed from around both buildings, landscaping is in place and an island is being installed down the center of Ledgewood, creating a boulevard effect and a new main entrance to campus.

Cost of constructing the Quad buildings, including the street treatment, parking, landscaping and utility plant, is $88 million.

The business school staff now housed in Hailstones Hall begin moving at 10:00 a.m. Tuesday. A second group now housed in Schott Hall moves on Wednesday, June 30. The remaining group of 23 staff must wait until repairs are made to an area of the new building damaged by a water valve failure on the second floor. They are expected to be moved in before classes start on Aug. 20.

The Conaton Learning Commons will be ready for staff in mid-July.

The new Williams College of Business building includes:

• Four floors of classrooms and offices for undergraduate and graduate business education.
• 88,123 square feet, 178 parking spaces, and 105 offices in suites for better communication and collaboration.
• 17 technology-driven classrooms and 17 project work rooms.
• Three Executive-In-Residence suites.
• Multimedia trading room featuring computer terminals with Bloomberg financial database and Reuter Station capabilities.
• The Sedler Family Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the Cintas Institute for Business Ethics and the Center for Applied Finance.
• Sustainable features such as extensive use of natural daylight, lighting-control systems, low-flow water fixtures, and an energy recovery system that rescues energy from air exhausted from the building.

For more information about the Hoff Quad, please visit www.xavier.edu/hoffquad.