Xavier's Williams College of Business offers a new MBA concentration in values-based leadership

The program is available beginning with the spring semester in January | January 2, 2013

Xavier’s Williams College of Business is offering a new values-based leadership concentration in its MBA program starting in the spring semester that begins on Jan. 7.

Increasingly, organizations are finding they need employees with a solid basis in ethics and governance-related training. Scandals of the recent past have made it harder for the public, and even a corporation’s own employees, to trust organizations. The leadership program has its foundations in many disciplines, from leadership and values-based decision-making to corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

The program was proposed by Xavier’s Cintas Institute for Business Ethics, the Williams College of Business, and by the institute’s co-directors Ann Marie Tracey and Paul Fiorelli, who both teach legal studies and business ethics at the College. The leadership concentration is cross-disciplinary and includes faculty from across the disciplines of the Williams College of Business.

"Our new MBA concentration in values-based leadership is a great example of Xavier's Jesuit identity in action,” says Brian Till, PhD, dean of the Williams College of Business. “In addition to a solid mastery of business fundamentals, Xavier MBA students will also come away with the tools and concepts for more responsible decision-making."

A few other MBA programs offer courses in ethics, governance, sustainability and leadership, but the leadership program’s comprehensive approach sets a high standard for values-based leadership in the Catholic, Jesuit tradition. Students learn how to develop strategies inclusive of all constituencies and stakeholders in the organization, the community and the global environment. They learn the best practices of others, and they have the opportunity to network with peers and senior executives from the community.

To successfully complete the concentration, students take three elective courses in values-based leadership from several options: Ethical Issues in Marketing, Business Ethics through Film, Principles of Leadership, Values-Based Leadership, Corporate Citizenship-Sustainability, International Ethics (includes study abroad in London), Health Industry Law and Ethics, and Strengths-based Leadership. They complete a governance course as their capstone requirement.

The Williams College of Business educates students of business, enabling them to improve organizations and society, consistent with the Jesuit tradition. For more information, call 513-745-3525 or email xumba@xavier.edu.