Xavier's School of Nursing receives $827,000 federal grant for collaborative training program

The grant was awarded by the Health Resource and Services Administration | October 18, 2012

Xavier’s School of Nursing has been awarded a three-year federal grant totaling $827,256 to support a training program that prepares nursing education students to be competent in the use of high-definition technology aimed at enhancing collaboration among different professions.

Part of the funding supports faculty travel to share what is developed so other institutions can emulate Xavier’s model. The project is expected to substantially benefit underserved populations, rural populations and areas where there is a shortage of available health professionals.

The grant was awarded by the Health Resources and Services Administration in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Nursing faculty and colleagues from other health-related programs in Xavier’s College of Social Sciences, Health, and Education will teach students across the college after completing an intense faculty development curriculum this fall. Students enrolled in any of 11 undergraduate and graduate-level degree programs that focus on some aspect of health care, such as occupational therapy or mental health counseling, will participate in the new training program.

Beginning in January 2013, local and rural graduate nursing students will also be taught the new inter-professional course. Since 2008, Xavier nurses in rural Ohio have been able to earn their Master of Science in Nursing from through the use of video-conferencing.

The award helps Xavier achieve three major goals. The first is the development of interprofessional faculty to teach students in programs in the College of Social Sciences, Health, and Education. The second goal is the implementation of a collaborative, culturally responsive and respectful inter-professional curriculum within the college preparing students to teach, administer and practice using evolving technologies. The final goal is comprehensive evaluation and dissemination to share best practices with others.

The program expects more than 150 students to participate each year, including 50 who are enrolled in advanced nursing education and the Family Nurse Practitioner concentration.

“The Affordable Care Act of 2010 means more access to care and increased opportunities to provide primary, secondary and tertiary preventive services in the community,” says Susan Schmidt, director of Xavier’s School of Nursing.

“A health care workforce grounded in interprofessional collaboration will be best prepared to provide access to high quality, affordable health care services across settings. These professionals will break down the silos of fragmented care currently seen and provide safe quality care in the least expensive environment using futuristic technology.”