Xavier to Tackle Bullying

June 16, 2010

On June 17th & 18th from 8:30am-4:00pm, DISCO, Mayerson Academy and Xavier University are helping about 200 educators, parents and others learn to understand and reverse the disturbing trend of bullying. The sessions will be held at Mayerson Academy 2650 Highland Avenue.

“Every day, there is a new incident of bullying either locally or nationally where a child was either physically or emotionally damaged, discrimination occurred, or in some cases the student committed suicide,” says Tracy DuEst, M.Ed, Program Director of DISCO (Developing Inclusive Schools, Communities, and Organizations).

Day 1 of the institute will be devoted to understanding bullying and moving toward solutions. Bullying is an abuse of power that harms the bullies themselves, their victims, those who observe bullying and are unsure what to do, educators, families, and the community. Some school climates and situations are more conducive to bullying. Strategies for self-awareness and action steps that individuals can take to combat bullying will be provided. And, since the most effective actions are collaborative, practical team-based strategies for preventing and combating bullying will be provided.

Day 2 will offer strategies to prevent or reverse bullying, including: how to stop cyber-bullying, violence in teen dating, working with parents and caregivers, using data to combat bullying, combating bullying in elementary schools, bully-proofing the classroom, aggression, intervening as an educator.