Xavier partners with the FDA for a medical devices conference at Cintas Center

| May 5, 2011

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Xavier are presenting MedCon: Medical Devices Conference 2011 at the Cintas Center through Friday, May 6. The conference brings together professionals and businesses involved in the field of medical devices to discuss issues facing the industry.

The conference content was developed by the FDA and the global MedCon Strategic Committee based on identified topics, global issues that impact the medical device industry and input from last year’s attendees. Leading FDA officials and field investigators as well as a number of global industry experts are participating.

Key speakers include Bill Maisel, Deputy Director for Science, CDRH; Kim Trautman, Medical Device GMP, CDRH; Thinh Nguyen, Director of the Office of Combination Products, FDA; Dr. Kenneth Ouriel, former Chief of Surgery of The Cleveland Clinic, founder of The Ouriel Group; and Heather Rosecrans, Senior Regulatory Advisor, Greenleaf Health.

The conference includes plenary sessions to enhance awareness of industry-moving perspectives on critical topics and focuses on quality assurance, regulatory affairs and clinical trials.