Xavier offers a unique leadership program for law enforcement, public safety and city officials

The program's first classes begin in September | July 11, 2013

A new leadership training program designed for leaders of law enforcement, public safety and city management is being offered in September by the Xavier Leadership Center (XLC) to help increase the knowledge, skills and tools required to successfully lead their organizations. The program was created by the Leadership Center, Xavier's professional development group, in partnership with the Williams College of Business and Xavier’s Department of Criminal Justice.

The Public Sector Leader Certificate Program is designed to help public leaders address critical business-based knowledge gaps in areas such as change management, strategic planning, and personnel management. The six-day program begins on Sept. 4 and takes place over six weeks, covering topics specific to the public sector, such as socio-cultural, political, economic and technological trends, ethics, human resource management issues, and external communication with the public and media.

Planning for the project began last spring when Capt. Doug Wiesman, a 23-year-veteran of the Cincinnati Police Department, and Shelly Wallace, associate director of the Xavier Leadership Center, held a focus group with area chiefs of police and followed up with surveys to determine the specific competencies and priorities required to build the best possible program to serve their needs. The Leadership Center partnered with Wiesman and other members of the public sector to create a local, flexible and cost-effective alternative to other nationally-recognized law enforcement leadership programs. Offering the program in Cincinnati benefits not only Cincinnati law enforcement, fire and city leaders, but also public sector leaders from across the region.

“It’s just too time intensive and expensive to send our people away, sometimes for weeks or months at a time, to get the leadership training they need. I knew there was a better way to do it and still do it right,” Wiesman said.

“Xavier University, hands down, has the best business and leadership programs in the region. That’s what they’re known for. I wasn’t just looking for another law enforcement program. I wanted participants to understand that when they are in leadership positions, they need to understand how to influence effectively, make decisions and run their organization like a business. Nobody teaches that better than XLC.”

By partnering with the Leadership Center and Xavier, Wiesman said he’s tapping into a wealth of knowledge from professionals in the business world and from peers.

“We’re excited to expand Corporate University with an additional focus in the Public Sector,” said Bruce Miller, director of the Xavier Leadership Center. “The Cincinnati Police Department has been a great partner, and bringing together leaders from other police departments and public sector organizations will enhance the learning experience and networking opportunities for each participant.”

To learn more about the program or the register, call 513-745-1094 or visit the Leadership Center online.