Xavier is recognized by Hamilton County Solid Waste District as an Outstanding Organics Recycler

Xavier was noted for reducing its waste stream and increasing its composting efforts. | November 19, 2012

Xavier received Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District’s award for Outstanding Organics Recycler. The award was presented at the Eighth Annual Recycling Awards Ceremony and Breakfast on Nov. 15 at the Millrace Lodge in Winton Woods.

Since 1997, communities across the country have gathered on Nov.15 to celebrate America Recycles Day. It is a day to educate and motivate neighbors, friends and community leaders to improve recycling efforts year-round.

Xavier was recognized for its achievements in waste reduction and organics diversion. Since 2011, Chartwell’s, the University's food service provider, has managed Xavier’s composting process, collecting pre-consumer food waste and post-consumer scraps in the Hoff Dining Commons. Everything from onion peels, carrot skins and meat trimmings to the scraps students leave on their plates goes into 64-gallon compost bins, which are wheeled into the compost cooler once filled.

“We have consistently diverted around 5,000 pounds of compostable organic material each week since the program started,” says Ed Devoid, director of residential dining. “Future Organics comes twice a week to pick up from our dedicated compost cooler in the dining services kitchen.”

In addition to the compost program, Xavier has eliminated Styrofoam from the Hoff Dining Commons by replacing disposable to-go containers with reusable Green To-Go containers.

“More than 400 students take advantage of our takeout option daily,” Devoid states, “so that simple change eliminated 30,000 Styrofoam containers from the local landfill last year.”