Xavier is ranked a second time among the best in Washington Monthly's 2011 College Rankings

Service and social mobility weigh heavily in the magazine's ranking system | August 30, 2011

For the second year in a row, Xavier University is ranked among the top master’s universities in Washington Monthly’s "2011 College Rankings." Xavier is ranked number 14 among master’s universities out of 553 listed.

Since 2005, Washington Monthly’s rankings have posed a different question: What are colleges doing for the country?

According to Washington Monthly, “That’s why one-third of each college’s score on our rankings is based on social mobility: How committed are they to enrolling low-income students and helping them earn degrees? Our second category looks at research production and success at sending undergraduates on to PhDs. Finally, we give great weight to service. It’s not enough to help students look out for themselves. The best colleges encourage students to give something back.”

Each category includes several components. For example, service is scored by measuring each school’s performance in such areas as ROTC programs, alumni serving in the Peace Corps and students participating in community service.

For more information on the components and the scoring methodology please visit the magazine's website.