Xavier experiences its first two cases of swine flu and urges vigilant flu-prevention practices

Students who tested positive for H1N1 flu are treated with antiviral medication and are recovering | August 24, 2009

Two students who live on the Xavier campus tested positive for novel H1N1 flu, also known as swine flu, and have since been treated with antiviral medication. Both students are recovering. The cases were confirmed on Sunday, Aug. 23.

The students first notified Xavier health officials to report flu-like symptoms last week and remained in isolation for the period of contagion, in accordance with guidelines outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Xavier's Emergency Response Team and the McGrath Health and Wellness Center have been preparing for the possibility of novel H1N1 on campus and have been taking steps to prevent the spread of the flu.

For example, hand sanitizers are more available across campus. Cleaning crews are making sure door handles and other such common areas are being wiped clean. Flyers have been posted in buildings across campus urging people to practice good hygiene. E-mail notices have been sent reminding Xavier faculty, staff and students to take preventive steps to fight the flu. The latest updates on the novel H1N1 situation can be found at www.xavier.edu/emergency.

At this time, the University has no plans to limit visitors to campus or to disrupt classes or planned activities. The University is urging members of the campus community to be aggressive in their hygienic practices to prevent flu. Xavier officials are also working closely with Hamilton County and state health officials and have been monitoring all updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.