Xavier begins demolition of houses to make room for start of Hoff Academic Quad construction

Former Cincinnati Bell building and Ledgewood Drive houses coming down | September 8, 2008

At 11:00 a.m. Monday, Sept. 8, Messer Construction began demolition of the houses along Ledgewood Drive and Dana Avenue and a building formerly owned by Cincinnati Bell. The demolition began at Bellarmine Circle and will progress this week toward Dana.

The work is in preparation for construction of the Hoff Academic Quadrangle, which will house a new Williams College of Business and a Learning Commons. A new central utility plant also will be built on the other side of Dana. A groundbreaking for the Quad, to be completed by the fall of 2010, is being held at noon on Friday, Sept. 26.

Traffic on Ledgewood and Dana will be maintained during the demolition, but parking is not permitted, and pedestrian traffic is restricted in the immediate area.

Bob Sheeran, Xavier’s associate vice president for facilities management, said about 60,000 yards of earth will be moved during the Quad project. 

“We’re going to be partnering with the Cincinnati Park Board and taking some of that dirt to Owl’s Nest Park,” says Sheeran. “They will use about half the dirt.”

Also, about 75% of the material from the demolition will be recycled, including concrete, bricks and materials from retaining walls, parking lots and driveways.  This continues a practice which began last spring at the site for the Xavier Square project on Cleneay Avenue where 90% of the material from the demolition of the old Zumbiel building was recycled.

“All the steel was sent to AK Steel in Middletown,” Sheeran says. “A lot of the electrical equipment was salvaged by another company from Lexington.”

Wooden Nickel, a local architectural salvage firm, went through the houses on Ledgewood to salvage architecturally unique items. The sites were also safely cleared of asbestos and other materials commonly used at the time these homes were built.

Messer Construction will be the general contractor for the Quad project. Todd Sadler, Messer senior project manager, says at the high point of construction, as many as 400 to 500 workers could be on site.

Work begins on the Xavier Square site later this fall. The 20-acre development will include a mix of new student housing, market-rate apartments, a hotel, a new recreation center, health center and bookstore for students, plus retail shops and businesses that will benefit both the campus and neighboring communities.

For updates and more information on Xavier’s construction, please visit www.xavier.edu/construction, which features a live webcam and periodic videos about the projects.