Xavier art professor Suzanne Chouteau is selected as an exhibitor in a renowned international exhibit in Poland

Only 18 Americans were selected for the exhibition | September 20, 2012

Suzanne Michele Chouteau, professor and chair of Xavier’s Department of Art, is one of 18 Americans whose work was selected for exhibition in the International Print Triennial, an international printmaking exhibition. Chouteau’s work, a large woodcut titled Black Water Horizon, was selected for the exhibit in Krakow, Poland.

The exhibit runs from Sept. 15 through Oct. 31 at the Bunkier Sztuki Contemporary Art Gallery in Krakow. Five other unique exhibitions were juried for display in Katowice, Poland, Oldenburg, Germany, Vienna, Austria, Falun, Sweden, and Istanbul, Turkey, over the next two years. Works by Chouteau were also selected for the exhibitions in Falun and Istanbul.

Chouteau traveled to Poland for the Sept. 14 opening in Krakow where she met with the U.S. Consulate General to Poland Ellen Germain.

"This print, among others in my recent work, considers the 21st-century challenges of climate change and human population growth with its attendant pitfalls of conflict, resource consumption, land development, and proliferation of extraction industries that put in peril a myriad of species’ survival, including our own,” Chouteau said.

“Before the gushing hole of the Deepwater Horizon could be permanently plugged, some 4.9 billion barrels of oil spilled in the Gulf waters, making it the worst accident of its kind in history. Moratoriums on offshore drilling have since been lifted, and a true telling of the reverberating consequences of the spill on our coastal environment and its creatures has yet to be, and may never be, fully disclosed."

The Krakow International Print Triennial is celebrating its twentieth anniversary promoting the art of printmaking and sharing the most fascinating creations with the world. Selected works receive their world premiere at the Triennial. Approximately 300 works were chosen from several thousand submitted by artists from countries around the world including Japan, the United States, Canada, Korea, Great Britain, New Zealand, Kyrgyzstan, Puerto Rico, Nepal and Iraq. The selection of works for the Triennial exhibition is in the hands of an independent, international jury, as is the awarding of prizes.

"Being selected to this exhibition by an international jury of acclaimed artists affirmed that my work is of contemporary significance in 'idea, process and message,' this year's theme,” Chouteau said. “Representing Xavier University and the United States at the exhibition's opening and other events was an honor for which I am humbly grateful. The overall experience of global citizenship and collegiality amongst artistic fellows in the exhibition inspires and excites my future teaching and making of art."