Xavier University"s WorldQuest Increases Cross-Cultural Cooperation

February 14, 2013

On Feb. 8, Xavier University’s Center for International Education and the International Students’ Society held the twelfth annual WorldQuest competition. WorldQuest is an international trivia event that promotes global understanding and the interaction of communities through an educational game show experience. Almost thirty teams of eight gathered for ethnic food, entertainment, fellowship, competition and door prizes, with both local and international themes.

International education breaks down stereotypes and increases cross-cultural communication and appreciation. Events like WorldQuest broaden intercultural and international knowledge and awareness, a first step in promoting peace and understanding. An event as popular as WorldQuest helps Xavier students to identify with one important component of the mission statement – to interact with a diverse and global community - as well as to help us to reach our goal of international outreach.

WorldQuest originated at the World Affairs Council in Charlotte, NC and was brought to Cincinnati by the local WAC in May of 2001. Historically, it allows students, faculty and staff to interact across cultural, racial, and ethnic lines, forge connections and begin conversations in an informal setting. Xavier’s WorldQuest seeks to create an enjoyable community event with a diverse group of people. Questions relate to geography, current affairs, pop culture, politics, people, world traditions, arts, flags, and the ever-popular Mystery Question, where teams are given one clue after every round in order to gain bonus points.