Xavier University's Community Building Institute hosts Strive Community Forum on education

The forum features First Lady Frances Strickland as the keynote speaker | June 10, 2009

Ohio First Lady Frances Strickland is speaking at the Strive Community Forum on Education on Friday, June 26, beginning at 8 a.m., at the Cintas Center on the Xavier campus. The public is invited to attend the event, presented by Xavier’s Community Building Institute, and may particiapte in discussions about how to move the Cincinnati region forward regarding education.

Strickland is the luncheon speaker at the event and also is leading one of the discussion sessions. As first lady of Ohio, Strickland works on a number of initiatives, including serving as the chair of the Family and Children First Councils and working on education, the environment, renewable energy and inclusion. She has a doctorate in educational psychology and worked many years as an educational psychologist in public schools. She authored a screening test for kindergarten-age children and a children’s book, "The Little Girl Who Grew Up To Be Governor."

Founded in 2006, Strive is a unique partnership that unites common education providers around shared issues, goals, measurements and results, and then actively supports and strengthens strategies that work. Together, the groups work to help children in the urban core succeed from birth through some type of secondary education and into a meaningful career. Strive is focused on home, school and community, the building blocks for successful students, productive citizens and thriving cities.

The Strive Community Forum on Education is the culmination of a community engagement process in which members at various levels of the community have shared their thoughts on the work of Strive and the direction of education in their community.

The forum offers an opportunity for stakeholders to discuss the quality of education in the area and to provide their thoughts on what needs to be done to address three critical themes drawn from the Striving Together report card:

• Increasing the pace of change.
• Increasing rigor in the classroom.
• Increasing enrollment, retention and graduation from college and career training.

The forum is free and open to the public. To register, contact Nancy Hackett at 513-745-3264 or hackettn@xavier.edu. For more information, please visit the web site.