Xavier University launches Paper Airplane Day

September 29, 2010

The Wright brothers were not concerned about making a plane that would fly. They knew they could do it. Their concern was whether the plane could return safely without killing the pilot. So, before the historic flight at Kitty Hawk, on October 3, they did a test flight with the plane tethered to the ground. It worked.

In celebration of that achievement, Xavier University announces that, while the birthplace of aviation was in Dayton, Ohio, the birthplace of Paper Airplane Day is in Cincinnati at Xavier University.

Xavier’s office of Interfaith Community Engagement and the Gallagher Student Center (GSC) have invited students, faculty and staff to launch their own paper airplanes at precisely 3PM on Friday, October 1st in the GSC atrium.

“For eight years Xavier students have waited for a moment when they could send paper airplanes flying into the four story space of their student center,” says Joe Christman, Director of the Gallagher Student Center. On Friday, October 1st, that day will come.

Pilots will buy sheets of recycled paper for $1 to participate. EVERY penny raised will go to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to help fund air transport for children in medical need.

The pilot of the winning plane (closest to center of the “X” in the floor on the lowest GSC level) will earn the first place prize of a $250 AAA Travel gift certificate for air travel.

Rabbi Abie Ingber, founding director of the Office of Interfaith Community Engagement, and founder of the Xavier Academic Pilots Association, will count down the launch of the airplanes toward the target. A guest judge will serve as the official measurer and determinant of first place. Cathy Westrich of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center will be on hand to congratulate the winner and thank the participants. Thomas Vaughan of AAA Travel has provided the gift certificate.