Xavier University and BlackbookHR Partner to Keep Interns in Cincinnati after the Summer

May 11, 2013

Blackbook HR, a technology startup company headquartered in Over-the-Rhine with national clientele, is partnering with Xavier University to help interns living at Xavier while in Cincinnati over the summer learn to love the city.

BlackbookHR focuses on talent retention by helping individuals form meaningful relationships in the place they work and the place they live. Partnerships like this are important as BlackbookHR expands nationally, as it wants to continue to serve its home base. BlackbookHR will use its expertise in talent retention with Xavier to ensure that interns who are offered jobs with local companies view Cincinnati as a place where they can reach their personal and professional goals. BlackbookHR will implement its Yocal app to match intern interests with local sites and activities. Yocal is accessible on mobile devices, so it will go where the intern goes.

BlackbookHR provides analytics on interns’ Embeddedness Quotient, developed by Dr. Brooks Holtom at Georgetown University, a gauge of how connected employees feel to their job and their community. BlackbookHR built a tool based on his research to measure, analyze, and predict employee embeddedness. Holtom found that highly embedded employees are loyal, increasing retention, and also higher performing than less embedded employees. Rather than focus on why employees leave, job embeddedness focuses on why they stay.

Yocal will be invaluable in helping retain the 400+ interns and co-ops that call Xavier University home each summer. In 2012, Xavier hosted interns and co-ops from all over the country for nearly 50 of Cincinnati’s top companies, including Procter & Gamble, GE Aviation, dunnhumby, Kroger, Macy’s, Fifth Third Bank, and Deloitte. Xavier provides interns with furnished and competitively priced on-campus apartments where they can network with hundreds of other interns. Xavier offers a weekly rather than a monthly contract, since interns arrive in varying weeks during May and June.

“Xavier understands that by using our internship housing programs, companies are doing everything they can to attract and retain people who will be valuable to their company for years to come,” said Joe Christman, director of the Gallagher Student Center and Summer Conference Programs. “We know that if an intern has a good living experience in Cincinnati, the work experience is more likely to be better as well, and they are more likely to accept a job here when they graduate.

“That is why we have partnered with Blackbook HR. We can offer interns a worry-free and pleasant living environment plus show them that Cincinnati is a great place to work, live and have fun. In doing so, we help some of the best companies in the country attract and retain some of the best interns in the country.”

Interns Speak:
“There were a number of advantages to living at Xavier over the summer. It was awesome to live close to interns from a wide range of companies and bond with people from all over. The location of campus was perfect: just far away enough from downtown to relax after work, but close enough so the commute downtown was minimal, even in rush hour traffic.”

“I was an intern at P&G two summers ago. It’s so easy to only go out in your personal neighborhood, but Blackbook opens my eyes to all of the other new areas and exquisite cuisines that Cincinnati has to offer. Also, I love how I can just send a simple concierge request - about sports leagues, yoga classes, or tickets to upcoming events - and someone always responds. Blackbook works hard to give me the answers I’m looking for. Using Blackbook as a resource during my internship would have ensured chances to meet new people, try new things, and truly figure out if this was the place I wanted to eventually live."

“Blackbook HR sounds like a great addition to Xavier’s housing services. The biggest advantage is that those not from the area can get insight into events that we otherwise wouldn’t know existed. More opportunities to engage activities specific to the area will increase the connection interns have with the city itself. It took me a while to understand the distinct culture of this area and BlackbookHR would accelerate that understanding.”