Xavier University Students First in the Nation

April 26, 2012

Seven students of Xavier University’s Williams College of Business (WCB) will become the first Entrepreneurship Black Belts and Blue Belts in the nation today.

The Entrepreneurship Black Belt certification committee, comprised of seven WCB faculty and two Management & Entrepreneurship board members who are Six Sigma Black Belts, participated in multiple stages of intensive screening and interviewing. The honorees were recognized today at a luncheon at the Cintas Center:

Entrepreneurship Black Belts:
(45039) Jeff Lay (Executive MBA) of Maineville, Managing Director at Oxford Financial Group
(45209) Shaun Fitzgibbons (MBA) of Oakley, Owner of Team Fitz Graphics
(45224) Mike Kou (MBA) of Springfield Township, President of Growth by Export, Inc.
(45347) Lyden Foust (Entrepreneurship senior) of New Paris, OH. Owner, Campus Solutions (Foust is also responsible for today’s first TEDx conference at Xavier.)

Entrepreneurship Blue Belts:
(45202) Joey Rohr (Executive MBA) of Graydon, Head and Ritchie
(45227) Mark Loughry (MBA-West Chester) of Mariemont
(02081) Anthony Breen (Undergraduate senior) of Walpole, MA

WCB students also participated in a Jugaad competition from February 27 to March 26. Jugaad is a colloquial Hindi word for a creative idea which quickly leads to significant and measurable benefits. In Xavier’s Jugaad competition, each team was given ten dollars. They had to grow the investment to achieve significant and measurable benefits, according to impact of the Jugaad on the reputation of Xavier, the WCB and its communities and the monetary value of the investment at the end of four weeks.

The winning team of Anthony Breen (also a Blue Belt) and Lyden Foust (also a Black Belt) received entrepreneurship software and a cash prize ($30,000 total value).

“It has been shown that the very act of participating in the Jugaad process has resulted in the development of skills in fast-tracked creativity,” says Daewoo Park, chair of the Department of Management & Entrepreneurship. “Innovative companies which emphasize experimentation as an essential part of enhancing development speed for new products have embraced Jugaad in their arsenal for innovation.”