Xavier University Offers Third Year of Fun Interfaith Food

January 25, 2011

On Thursday, January 27, students at Xavier University will have the opportunity to learn about Mexican culture, faith and food in their own dining hall. From 4:30 - 8 pm in the Hoff Marketplace in the Cintas Center, Taquería Mercado (locations in Fairfield, Florence, and downtown Cincinnati) will serve Mexican cuisine. Adalberto Leon from Mexico opened the first restaurant in 1999. He has worked with Hoff chef Tom Turnbull to create authentic Mexican food – different from the Tex-Mex we are used to.

Rabbi Abie Ingber founded the Office of Interfaith Community Engagement at Xavier University over 2 years ago to create and strengthen a sense of community among those of diverse faiths on the campus, in Cincinnati, and on the regional and national levels. The student-centered initiative allows for deepening of one’s own personal faith and enhances understanding of others’ traditions.

One of his most enjoyable engagements has been Different Foods, Different Faiths, One Community. He invites ethnic restaurant owners to share their culture, background and foods to show that no matter where people come from, or what faith they practice, we are all very similar. The program is a collaboration of Xavier Dining Services, the Office of Interfaith Community Engagement and Auxiliary Services. Previous meals have been provided by Dusmesh Indian Restaurant, Song Long Vietnamese Restaurant and Andy’s Mediterranean Grill. Xavier chefs learn how to prepare the dishes from the restaurant owners and together they prepare the dishes for the Xavier community. Ingber welcomes the students to the Hoff Marketplace and encourages them to try a new dish and learn about a new culture.