Xavier ROTC cadets of the All For One Battalion are ranked in top 20 percent in the nation

The rankings were earned in part in the Leadership Development Assessment Course at Ft. Lewis | November 12, 2012

Five senior ROTC cadets of the All For One Battalion rank in the top 20 percent in the nation among 5,592 Cadets, earning recognition as Distinguished Military Graduates.

The cadets and their majors are: Nichole Perrin of Hilton, N.Y., in nursing; Amanda Rainey of Mechanicsburg, Pa.,  communications; Colin Zidar of Bexley, Ohio, criminal justice; Alexis Thorne of Canfield, Ohio, political science; Keaten Joseph of Lima, Ohio, finance.

Yearly, the U.S. Army Cadet Command establishes a National Order of Merit List for all cadets to be commissioned in that fiscal year. The score is based on GPA, Army physical fitness test scores, and leadership development and assessment testing. The Order of Merit List score helps determine to which branch of the Army the cadets will be commissioned, their selection for active or reserve duty or other benefits such as law or medical school and their selection for awards and recognition. In order to be designated a Distinguished Military Graduate, cadets must place in the top 20 percent of all cadets nationwide.

In addition, more than 20 percent of cadets in Xavier’s All for One Battalion (4 of 18) achieved an overall excellent rating in the Leadership Development Assessment Course at Ft. Lewis this summer. Cadets Rainey and Thorne earned this distinction as well as senior Anthony Frisone of Suffield, Ohio, an international business major, and senior Nicholas Sagorsky of Greenwood, Ind., who is majoring in criminal justice.

“We are extremely proud of the accomplishments of these cadets and of the entire senior class due to commission in the spring,” says LTC Kevin Wissel. “Xavier’s academic program, the cadre’s focused training efforts, and their personal drive resulted in their extraordinary accomplishments.”