Xavier Professors Discuss Film at Contemporary Arts Center

July 1, 2009


As part of The Contemporary Arts Center’s 2008-2009 Perspectives Lecture Series: Art, History and Memory, Xavier University history professors Dr. Dick Gruber, Dr. Rachel Chrastil and Dr. JuliaO’Hara will screen and then discuss Anri Sala’s early film, Intervista. It will be viewed on August 17th, 6:30-8:00 pm in the CAC Performance Space. It is free to CAC members and open to non-members by donation.
The professors will broaden the discourse on Sala’s early work by introducing the topic of memory in relation to war, revolution and dictatorship.   They will explore how individual memory and collective memories of trauma transform over time.
2009 being the 20th anniversary of the “Revolutions of ’89,” the first lecture in this year’s Perspectives Series takes advantage of Anri Sala’s timely installation at the CAC.
Sala, a native of Albania, was educated and Paris and now lives in Berlin, giving his works global perspective. Intervista (1998) shows his search for a lost sound reel from an interview with his mother at the 1977 Albanian Youth Congress. Unable to locate the reel, Sala finally uses lip-readers to fill in the dialogue and plays the interview for his mother. She is shocked at the Communist thoughts of her youth. Sala’s mother reflects on how experience has affected her early beliefs. She urges today’s youth to always question the truth. While Intervista was being filmed, Albania’s economy collapsed and civil unrest followed.
The Contemporary Arts Center is located at 44 East Sixth Street downtown. For more information, please call 513-345-8400.