Xavier Montessori Lab School is holding an information session for parents on March 3

The program is enrolling students ages 6-9 | March 1, 2011

The Xavier Montessori Lab School is enrolling students in the ages 6-9 elementary classroom. An information session and classroom observation for parents takes place on Thursday, March 3.

Parents with children of appropriate age who are interested in learning more about the Montessori school program should contact Principal Lesley Kern at 513-745-3402 or via email at kernld@xavier.edu for time and location details.

Xavier Montessori Lab School, located on the Xavier campus, is aligned with Xavier’s long established and internationally known Montessori teacher education program. The school serves as a hallmark for best practices in the Montessori method of education. The teachers have earned master’s degrees in Montessori education, hold state teaching licenses and have full Montessori credentials.

Xavier is unique in offering Montessori certification at undergraduate and graduate levels combined with initial state licensing. A pioneer in Montessori teacher education, Xavier offered the nation’s first master’s degree program. It began when Hilda Rothschild, an early Montessori educator, saw that Montessori training needed a university base and came to Xavier in 1965. She convinced the dean of Xavier’s graduate school to start a Montessori teacher education program. By 1975, Xavier had secured a grant and, with the Cincinnati Public Schools, opened the first public Montessori school in the country that still operates as Sands Montessori. Since then, Xavier has been at the forefront of Montessori teacher education nationwide.

Xavier Montessori helped mainstream the Montessori method into public schools in Cincinnati and across the Midwest. It has developed work and outreach support with students, schools and administrators in Taiwan, Korea and China. Education delegates and school officials often tour the Lab School because of its celebrated reputation. An outcome of a Montessori education at Xavier Montessori Lab School for children is an increased awareness of their own learning, community, social concerns, care of the environment, respect for one another and global cultural connections.