Xavier Instructor Donates Book Profits To Roloff Charity Foundation

October 10, 2012

Marilyn Clark, an adjunct in Xavier University’s English department, has written a book offering a fresh perspective on Charles Dickens’ beloved A Christmas Carol. Her book, Mrs. Cratchit’s Christmas, asks: “Isn’t it time you heard Mrs. Cratchit’s side of the story?”

Clark’s story, like Dickens’ tale, features a character who is disabled (Tiny Tim), so she will give half the profits from the book’s sale to the Amy Roloff Charitable Foundation, a 501(c) nonprofit whose mission is to “advocate, inspire and add value to the lives of youth who face personal life challenges.” ARCF benefits institutions including the Dwarf Athletic Center of America and Friends of the Orphans.

Amy Roloff is a nationally recognized spokesperson for the physically disadvantaged and is known to the millions of viewers of TLC’s Little People, Big World, which chronicles how Matt and Amy Roloff have triumphed over their disability to succeed as entrepreneurs and as parents of four children.

Clark is donating to the ARCF in part because Tiny Tim is a disabled child who survives because a caring benefactor provides resources for the care he needs, just as the Roloff Foundation does.

Mrs. Cratchit’s Christmas can be purchased by contacting the author at mkbclark@yahoo.com or at this website.