Xavier Fishing Eagerly Awaits Season

| January 10, 2012

“Brother it’s a long road, from Amistad to Toho, doesn’t matter which way you go, the miles are all the same.”


Casey Ashley’s, professional bass angler and budding musician, words were never truer for the Xavier University Bass Fishing Club as they wrap up our first true season. With the competitive angling season coming into full swing over the summer months, XUBF has already traveled over four thousand miles traveling to places such as Lake Champlain and Buffalo, New York. While the team has not yet reached their goal of qualifying for the FLW Northern Regional Tournament, the past season has given the team the much needed experience of fishing northern waters. Poised to make a splash in the upcoming FLW tour, the team focused this semester on grooming new anglers so they too will be ready to compete on the tournament level. The team made many trips in the fall to local parks such as Winton Woods, Sharon Woods, and Lake Isabella, with the focus on improving inexperienced anglers. XUBF is looking forward to the spring semester with plans of taking a trip to Sandusky Bay so that the entire club can glimpse what an amazing fishery Lake Erie is. Over the off season, the team will also receive word on the locations of the next FLW tournaments and will begin preparing for those. More than ever, XUBF is eagerly waiting the spring semester so they can get back out on the water.