Xavier Faculty Experts Available to Discuss Conventions, Election

Topics Include Internet, Women, Race | August 25, 2008


A number of Xavier faculty are available to discuss the 2008 Presidential Election and party conventions from various points of view.
Gene Beaupré, director for government relations is traveling to the Democratic National Convention but is reachable by cell phone at 513-379-9487. He can discuss the media and elections and the history of political conventions and presidential elections.
Christine Anderson, associate professor of history and gender and diversity studies, can discuss the impact of women on the elections. She can be reached at 513-745-4246 or andersco@xavier.edu.
Cheryl Nuñez, vice provost for diversity, can address the impact of race on the election. She can be reached at 513-745-3539 or nunezc@xavier.edu.
Bob Cotter, associate vice president for information resources, can discuss the impact of technology and the internet on the election. He can be reached at 513-745-3183 or cotter@xavier.edu.
David Yi, assistant professor of economics, can address the impact of the election on the economy and vice versa. He can be reached at 513-745-2933 or yid@xavier.edu.