Xavier Center for Mission and Identity: Sept. 2012

September 5, 2012

News from Xavier University’s Center for Mission and Identity: Senior administrators, either new to Xavier University or to their position, are paired with a current senior administrator in the Mission Mentoring Program for Senior Administrators. Over the academic year, pairs meet monthly to discuss a Jesuit identity-related topic. New administrators will meet monthly, as a group, to discuss their work at Xavier as a Jesuit Catholic university. These meetings are facilitated by Mission and Identity staff with guest attendees. An immersion trip is planned for summer 2013. This will support and develop mission-conscious senior administrators, informal networks (while strengthening formal networks), and the mission expertise of veteran administrators/ mentors.

The 6th edition of “Teaching to the Mission” showcases the work of Xavier’s faculty participating in the endowed Ignatian Mentoring Program and the Mission Academy. The programs, offered through the Conway Institute for Jesuit Education, assist early and mid-career faculty in incorporating the Jesuit Catholic educational tradition into the learning environment. The new book includes 18 new entries (available on-line in the Jesuit Resource). Originally funded by the Lilly Fellows Program in the Humanities and Arts, the IMP is now made possible through the generous support of the Xavier Jesuit Community; the Academy was supported through a grant from LFPHA.

The art collection, ADSUM: Contemporary Paintings on Ignatian Spirituality, by Xavier alumna and Cincinnati artist Holly Schapker ’92, is on display in the Center for Mission and Identity. At http://www.xavier.edu/jesuitresource/ignatian-resources/find four resources incorporating pieces from the collection.
• Card Collection - seven 4”x 6” perforated cards of scenes from Ignatius Loyola’s life in Schapker’s ADSUM with a description and reflective quotes and scripture.
• A new 10th anniversary edition of Do You Walk Ignatian?, with narratives on how Ignatian values are animated, is underscored with Schapker’s “Shoes” on the cover.
• Schapker’s “Portrait of Ignatius” covers Do You Speak Ignatian?, a mini-dictionary of Ignatian and Jesuit terms.
• St.Ignatius Loyola, a brief biography by George Traub, SJ and Debra Mooney, PhD, illustrated with original Schapker sketches.