Xavier Boxing's New Home

The long-awaited ring finally arrives | October 31, 2010

On October 29th, Xavier Boxing's new practice ring finally arrived. After over a year without a ring, and weeks of discussion and decision-making, the Xavier boxers can now begin to incorporate a ring into their everyday work outs. The new ring replaces the former one, which collapsed in September of 2009 after decades of use.This new ring provides great benefit for the club's boxers, as the lack of actual in-ring experience has hindered fighters on several occasions. Now, with real ropes and corners to work with, the transition into fights should become much easier. 

Not only will the ring help the fighters prepare, but it also presents a potential opportunity for hosting an event at Xavier. Currently, club officers are discussing the potential for a Xavier Toughman Tournament, where the club's top boxers face off in a one-night, open-weight tournament. This would be the first boxing event held at Xavier since November of 2008.