Xavier Bookstore joins a program allowing students to rent their textbooks beginning this fall

Rent-A-Text can save students more than half the cost of buying new or used books | June 23, 2010

The Xavier Bookstore is offering students the option of renting their textbooks beginning with the fall 2010 semester. The Rent-A-Text program offers textbook rentals at half the cost or more of buying them new or used.

The Xavier Bookstore joined Rent-A-Text, which was begun at several schools in 2009 by Follett, Xavier's textbook supplier. Now a lot of additional schools in most states are joining the program.

New and returning students can shop at the bookstore or online for their books as usual. Those marked "for rent" can be rented rather than purchased. Students still have the option of buying new or used books or ebooks. Students sign a rental agreement agreeing to return the books by the due date at the end of the semester. Students are charged a fee for books that are returned late, and the books then become theirs to keep. Students can still attempt to sell them back as used books.

The bookstore has more than 400 titles that will be available for rent in the fall. The bookstore has direct access to Xavier professors’ book lists, guaranteeing the books available for rent are the ones required for Xavier’s classes. Students can order their books online and pick them up at the bookstore instead of having them shipped.

For more information, visit www.rentatext.com or the bookstore at www.xavier.bkstr.com.