XUVBC: Season in Review

2010-2011 Season | April 22, 2011

Our good friend Borat would claim the 2010-2011 season for XUVBC as a “Great Success!” The club underwent a full 180 degree turn from just one year ago. Starting with a change at the President and officer positions, and the addition of a wave of dedicated freshmen, XUVBC embarked on its path toward greatness.

This year was about so much more than volleyball for us. Obviously, the commitment in the gym was present, but our commitment to the community really propelled XUVBC above and beyond. Throughout the course of the year, we compiled over 450 hours of community service, the most among any club team this season. Some of these sites included volunteering for the AVP Professional Beach Tour, and, arguably the most exciting part of our season, getting the opportunity to play at the Luther Luckett Correctional Complex against a team of inmates (It sounds a lot scarier than it actually was; it was organized beautifully). But of course, we played some damn good volleyball this year as well.

We did a bunch of travelling this year to play in various tournaments, all leading up to the big stage in Houston: Nationals. We definitely progressed over the course of the season, which started off with a Silver Division championship at Dayton. Then, heading to Michigan State, we placed 5th out of 28 teams in the renowned “Back to the Hardwood Classic.” We finished the season on a promising note, capturing the Division II Bronze Division Championship at Nationals. With the entire starting lineup returning next year, as well as some incoming freshmen, XUVBC is ready to take it to the next level.