XUVBC: Road to Nationals

| February 20, 2011

With nationals just six short weeks away, and plane tickets already booked, we at XUVBC are tying up all the loose ends to secure our spot in Houston. In order to meet the qualifications to be eligible for nationals, we must travel and compete in two tournaments with at least four teams entered, before our flights depart on April 6th. Illinois, here we come!

This upcoming weekend, we will be travelling to Western Illinois to play in the WIU Cornfield Classic. It will be our first tournament action since the “Back to the Hardwood Classic” at Michigan State University all the way back in November. A successful scrimmage against the University of Kentucky this past weekend got the rust out and we are ready to hit the road. As always, expectations are high.

Upon returning from Spring Break and recovering from the nationwide hangover after St. Patrick’s Day, XUVBC will be on the road again, this time headed to Lewis University to play in the Lewis Invitational. These tournaments should give us the preparation we need to get ready for the Big Showdown in Houston. They say everything is bigger in Texas, and if that’s the case, expect XUVBC to raise our game to a higher level. These next few weeks will be grueling, but in the end, we are hoping it will all pay off and lead to some victories and some nationwide recognition for XUVBC at nationals.

----Kenny Walter