X-LAB Entrepreneur Contest Selects Finalists

| September 3, 2010

Twenty-five finalists have been selected in the Xavier Launch-a-Business Competition.

X-LAB evaluators chose them after 30-minute interviews. The next step is 60-minute interviews with the applicants on Sept. 13 and 14.

Five to 10 winners will be announced on Sept. 16 at 10:30 a.m. in Smith Hall, the new home of the Williams College of Business. The public is invited.

Winners will receive an academic year of advice and other support from the College’s faculty, executive mentors and MBA students to start or expand businesses, nonprofits and social enterprises. The intent is to give a boost to the Greater Cincinnati economy.

More than 160 people submitted applications. Several entrepreneurs submitted more than one application. Some of the finalists have two applications that remain in contention. More information is available at www.xu.edu/xlab.

Here are the finalists and the fields they represent:

Alice Huff, manufacturing-consumer products;
Betsy Goldfarb, social services;
Bill Hitch, construction;
Bruce Olson, the arts;
Candace Klein, finance-consulting;
Chad Martin; manufacturing-security products;
Georg Weber, health care;
Hudson Chilton, advertising;
Janet Michaelis, health care;
Jeff Andrews, information-consulting;
Joanna Vance, social assistance;
Marc Randolph, information;
Marilyn Shazor, retail-clothing;
Marnie Renda, information;
Michael Bergman, information;
Michael Kou, professional-consulting;
Mike Disimile, energy-manufacturing;
Monica Ensweiler, service;
Sambhu Choudhury, health care;
Sandra Ambrose, information;
Stephen McClanahan, health care;
Tyana Owings, retail;
Vincent Lasorso, manufacturing-retail.