Women"s Center Presents Fall 2009 "Thinking Outside the LunchBox" Series

| August 11, 2009

Bring a lunch and a friend and join the Xavier Women’s Center each Wednesday (except for 11/10, which is a Tuesday) from 12:30-1:30 for engaging discussions in the Thinking Outside the LunchBox Fall series. The Women's Center is located at 1415 Dana Ave. These are free and open to the public. Please check the Center’s site at http://www.xavier.edu/womenscenter/ for the latest information as speakers and events may change.

9/2/09 The Binding of Isaac: Abraham and Sarah’s Perspectives
Rabbi Abie Ingber of Xavier’s Office of Interfaith Community Engagement will present “The Binding of Isaac: Abraham and Sarah’s Perspectives.” Looking at traditional texts, some thousands of years old, build a different interpretive assessment of the classic Biblical story from two very divergent perspectives – Isaac’s mother and father. While Sarah does not appear in the recorded Biblical episode, it is impossible for the story to unfold without her dominant influence.

9/9/09 Gender and the 2010 Congressional Elections
Dr. Mack Mariani, Xavier professor of political science/sociology, will discuss "Why Obama Needs to Worry More About the Rich White Woman than the Angry White Man." The massive shift of high income female voters away from Democratic congressional candidates gave Republicans control of Congress in 1994. Nobody is asking the key question for 2010: How will women (and particularly high income women) react to Obama's presidency? This is the real test for this administration, based on electoral history. Join us for a discussion on the role of class and gender in presidential and congressional politics.

9/16/09 Women monastics and Northern India activism
Dr. Carol Winkelmann, Xavier English professor, will lead a discussion on the lives and struggles of women monastics in the Tibetan Buddhist exile communities of north India. Historically, there is a rather wide range of narratives regarding the nature and roles of women—from deeply reverent to scathingly misogynist. Tibetan women monastics have been fashioning political identities for themselves that open the door to political activism to free Tibet from Chinese occupation and to free themselves from lives of limited religious and educational opportunity. These challenge western feminists who may be less willing to work within the framework of Tibetan notions of personal virtue or human rights. Yet western women re-negotiating their own traditions may be inspired by the courage with which Tibetan women approach basic questions of social justice.

9/23/09 Community Gardening and Composting
Come learn about the current and growing community gardening and composting initiatives on Xavier’s campus. Become a part of the growing movement toward greater sustainability. Discussion led by Molly Robertshaw, Assistant Director of Peace & Justice Programs.

9/30/09 The Lost Work of Victorian Women Writers
Dr. Deborah Meem of the University of Cincinnati's Department of Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies will discuss why we study and "recover" the lost work of Victorian women writers today.

10/7/09 The spiritual pilgrimage of Ignatius Loyola

Join us for a reflection on the spiritual pilgrimage of Ignatius Loyola through the eyes of a contemporary painter (artist Holly Schapker) and an academic (Dr. Stephanie Brzuzy, social work professor). The emphasis is the artistic representation of the feminine nature of Ignatian Spirituality.

10/14/09 Gilligan’s Stages of the Ethic of Care
We will explore Gilligan’s Stages of the Ethic of Care (in particular for women) as well as Patrick Love’s and Victoria Guthrie’s (1999) Women’s Way of Knowing. How can these inform us as students and employees when working with women on campus? What appeals to you, what seems not to work? The hour will include a brief description of the theories, followed by an open discussion about the theories and their practical use on campus. Discussion led by Christopher Bridges, Assistant Director of Peace & Justice Programs.

10/21/09 Contact Center/Ohio Empowerment Coalition
Mary Causey & Lynn Williams will discuss the OEC, which is made up of welfare rights groups from Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Southeast Ohio, Cleveland, Akron, Canton and Warren. They work to impact welfare policies in the State of Ohio.

10/28/09 Women and War
Vince Costello, International Services Director of the American Red Cross Cincinnati Area Chapter, will lead a presentation focused on women and war. View a DVD in which eleven women tell their own individual stories of how their lives have been affected by war: coping with displacement, physical and sexual violence, missing relatives, widowhood, detention... challenges and difficulties that these and thousands of other women must face in their daily lives.

11/4/09 TBA
Gillian Ahlgren, theology professor at Xavier will be the presenter.

11/10/09 TUESDAY Creating optimal health
Join us this TUESDAY as Dr. Pete Haggenjos of Thrive Chiropractic leads the discussion. Is it surprising that the U.S. significantly outspends every other country, yet ranks only 37th in overall health? We will discuss the keys and action steps to living with abundant health and highlight policy changes that can lower costs for all Americans.

11/18/09 Volunteering: What I’ve Learned
Xavier alum Megan Shapiro will share her experiences with volunteering: what she has learned, when/how it can work, and what you can gain by being a volunteer, as well as a great opportunity here in Cincinnati.

11/25/09 No Session due to Thanksgiving Holiday

12/2/09Family Service
Victoria Ames of Family Service will discuss the multitude of ways that the non-profit organization can benefit Cincinnati families. Family Service engages children, families and adults as partners so they achieve educational, emotional and occupational success. They collaborate with community partners to provide a continuum of services.

12/9/09 Connections
Rebecca Born of Connections will discuss the ways that the organization becomes a gateway to understanding the trauma of sex abuse, accessing resources for help and taking action as a community.