Women of Excellence Giving Circle program awards $58,000 in grants to winning programs

The grants support 10 programs and projects by faculty and groups across campus | May 5, 2011

At its annual Giving Circle awards program luncheon on May 3, the Women of Excellence announced the winning projects that are receiving $58, 047 this year. The 10 winning projects for 2011 are:

• 1 in 4 Day, which aims to bring awareness to incidents of sexual assault and rape on Xavier's campus, increase the call for bystanders to intervene in situations that might lead to sexual assault and/or rape, and help the Xavier community become aware of the encompassing effects of sexual assault and rape.

• The 2011 Summer Service Internship Program, which provides a unique opportunity to nurture the commitment to community engagement in Xavier students.

• Bike XU, a program designed to meet students' transportation needs by allowing them to rent a bicycle for either a semester or a full year to use at their leisure.

• Creating Relationships of Justice and Care, a project begun by Associate Professor of Theology Jennifer Beste in 2009, which includes requiring freshmen to attend an event exploring the issues of sexual relationships and the "hook-up" culture.

• Engaging Middle School Girls in Computer Science, a project to engage middle school girls with an outreach event to pique their interest in computer science.

• Tools for Living with Greater Wisdom and Compassion, a project involving 40 women of excellence who will be invited to an overnight retreat to share their stories and experience various forms of meditation, prayer, art, writing exercises and small group conversation.

• Touching History, a project of Xavier's Office of Interfaith Community Engagement to host Sarah Niemoeller, a renowned Holocaust educator, to talk about her family's experiences resisting Nazism and the experience of her late husband.

• Tuition Runs Out Day 2012, the Student Alumni Association's signature event, which educates students on the vitality of alumni support and the impact it plays on their everyday Xavier experience.

• Women of Excellence Scholarships, a critical component of the organization's commitment to the advancement of women at Xavier.

• XU Mentoring Program, a project of the Career Services Center that ensures current mentors and mentees the opportunity to connect and learn.