Williams College of Business Names Director of the Center for International Business

December 5, 2008


Effective January 3, 2009, Jamal Rashed, PhD will be director of the Center for International Business in the Williams College of Business at Xavier University. Rashed brings a keen understanding of the need for enhancing international programs within the college. He has led many study abroad programs both in the Executive MBA and traditional MBA programs. In addition, he has taught International Business and International Economics for many years and has won numerous teaching awards at the undergraduate, MBA and XMBA levels.
Rashed has been at Xavier since 1989, serving as Chair of the Department of Economics and Human Resources from 2001-2006. He received his PhD in Economics from Southern Methodist University in Dallas. His areas of expertise include international trade and finance, monetary theory, and labor economics. His research focuses on economic development, international currency issues, the interplay between trade policy and unemployment, and labor economics. His work has appeared in numerous journals and he is a consultant to tri-state area businesses and major law firms. Rashed has received many teaching awards: 2006 and 2007 General Electric MBA Professor of the Year; 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002 and 1998, and Executive MBA Professor of the Year; The 2000 Delta Sigma Pi Teacher of the Year; The 1999 Dean's Award for Teaching Excellence.
“Only by understanding the variations among the world's peoples their traditions, values, and aspirations can students of the Williams College of Business perceive the common humanity which unites all societies,” says Rashed.” Indeed, the U.S. itself is increasingly populated with people from other countries. Such individuals are enriching our culture and changing the very fabric of our society in ways Xavier students need to better understand.”
The Phil and Beth Gasiewicz Study Abroad Scholarship for Business Students was established to help students gain international business experience through study abroad/international internships. In academic year 2008-09, 3 MBA and 8 undergraduate scholarships will be awarded, resulting in more of Xavier’s undergraduate and MBA students traveling abroad.
“The Williams College of Business is confident that under Dr. Rashed's leadership a number of initiatives will be undertaken,” says Ali Malekzadeh, Dean of Xavier’s Williams College of Business. “More partnerships will be created with foreign universities, leading to additional short-term study abroad programs. The coordination of current study abroad programs will be enhanced and student achievement in all experiences assessed. Foreign internships for our students will be established, and our faculty will have opportunities to research international topics. All of these initiatives will move the WCB and Xavier University forward.”
Xavier professors Hema Krishnan, Mike Webb, and Elaine Crable were on the screening committee for the directorship.