New Equestrian Officers!

March 5, 2014

Xavier Equestrian Team Announces New Officers!

Above: XUET's 2013-2014 Officers at Regionals
Vice President Emma Lastowski (254), President Lauren Heft (326), and Treasurer Jaclynn Hipp (470)

The end of a year calls for new beginnings! At Xavier's last horse show of the 2013-2014 show season at University of Kentucky elections were held for next year's officer positions.

Upcoming senior Lauren Heft, president from 2012-2014, has resigned from office for her last year of undergraduate at Xavier. This past year Lauren had the chance to work with Emma Lastowski as her vice president, who will step up next year as President of the team for the upcoming school year 2014-2015.  The team is very excited to have vice president Emma Lastowski step up to the position of President!

Upcoming junior Emma Lastowski will take on the Presidential title next year, passing down the Vice President role to Sofia Dueno. Sofia shows true prospect as an officer, and has great team spirit!

 Upcoming senior Jaclynn Hipp, treasurer from 2013-2014, will also be stepping down from role and act as a mentor to the upcoming treasurer Melissa Stachowiak. Melissa is excited to take on the very important role of treasurer for next school year.

Upcoming senior Lizz Kingsbury will be handing down the secretary role to Lorene Garnier, who is anxiously awaiting the upcoming school year with her fantastic fundraising plans.

Bethany Barlow and Alisha Damon will take on the position of what XUET calls the "communicator" position. Through this the girls will work to keep social media and any XUET info up to date, and spreading the word about the ever growing Equestrian team at Xavier.

These officers all deserve blue ribbons. The team shows great promise for next year with these officers. As always, they will continue to "feel the blue"  "be the blue", because... "Xavier is blue." And folks, that is the Power of X.