Thesis Exhibitions by Jennifer Colson, Cathy Della Lucia, Kim Figgins and Caitlin Ragland

Artists' Reception: Friday, April 13 6:00-8:00 pm | April 3, 2012

Xavier University and the Department of Art are pleased to present thesis exhibitions by four art majors – Jennifer Colson, Photography, Cathy Della Lucia, Sculpture, Kimberly Figgins, Graphic Design, and Caitlin Ragland, Drawing. The exhibition opens Friday, April 13th through the 20th.


Jennifer Colson presents From Sight to Depiction a collection of photographs in black and white and color.  Slightly abstracted forms integrate with dynamic elements to create the images. Light, shadow, and the forceful contrast between the two are shown in this body of work. Patterns force attention and colors instill emotion.  Details draw viewers for a closer look with shapes that engage the eye. The artist believes this work promotes a feeling that cannot be explained in words – only in vision.


Cathy Della Lucia presents The Grieving Heart Still Beats a series of figures sculpted in resin. This work documents the artist’s personal struggle with the power of grief and shows evidence of the therapeutic power of art therapy in the creation of art. Nude female forms incorporate excess mass and the effects of gravity as a metaphor describing emotional baggage. Their hollow structure represents the feeling of irreplaceable emptiness experienced in the grieving process. The artist hopes to illustrate the following: destruction and struggle transpire beauty, and through process and time, one finds healing.


Kimberly Figgins presents Cincinnati Shakespeare Company’s Upcoming Season Designs Collaboration. The artist collaborated with the CSC to create various marketing materials for use in print and online during the upcoming season. The posters displayed are the designs for Cincinnati Shakespeare Company’s 2012-2013 (Season 19) production titles. Each play design presents a contemporary flair intended to attract a variety of audiences to CSC. The process utilized is that of hand drawn imagery refined into various digital graphic programs such as Adobe Creative Suite 5.


Caitlin Ragland presents I Keep You in a Flower Vase a collection of pastel drawings. The artist’s intention with this body of work is to shed light on the challenge women face in identifying themselves within the context of modern society. The figurative work is characterized by vibrant colors, evident mark making and flower motifs, completed in an impressionistic style. The work is largely inspired by the artist’s experience as a female.


Please join us for the artists’ reception on Friday, April 13th, 6:00-8:00 p.m. to meet the artists, enjoy the art and free refreshments.