The annual Crosstown Preachout Mass takes place on Sunday at the University of Cincinnati

UC's campus ministry and Xavier's Kent Beausoleil, S.J., deliver the homily together | February 13, 2009

For the fifth year in a row, Xavier University and the University of Cincinnati are participating in the annual Crosstown Preachout Mass. 

On Sunday, Feb. 15, Kent Beausoleil, S.J., from Xavier and representatives from the UC Campus Ministry are delivering the homily together at St. Monica-St. George Church, 328 West McMillan St., at 5:30 p.m.

The Preachout Mass occurs on UC’s campus this year because it hosted this year’s Crosstown Shootout basketball game. The event was planned and coordinated by a committee of students from both universities. A dinner follows the Mass for all students and others who wish to attend.
The Crosstown Preachout Mass began four years ago to bring together students from both universities in a spirit of faith and companionship. Many Xavier students travel to UC’s campus to participate in the event and UC students come to Bellarmine in years when Xavier is the host.

“We have scheduled this year’s Crosstown Preachout Mass with more involvement from the students this year,” says Kelly Albainy-Jenei, Xavier Campus Minister.

Albainy-Jenei and UC’s Campus Ministry team gathered a group of about six students from each campus to plan and organize the event. The Preachout Mass is free and open to the public.