The Williams College of Business helps students launch a monthly e-newsletter about finance, economics and politics

The first issue of the Xavier Bellwether is available online | April 18, 2012

Sponsored by Xavier’s Fifth Third Trading Center, nine students have produced The Xavier Bellwether, an e-publication that provides interdisciplinary analysis of finances, economics and politics. As stated in its mission statement, this student-run publication provides an opportunity for students to enhance their understanding of the global marketplace through active research and participation.

“Our intention with this statement is to convey the fact that we are a multi-sided operation,” said Ricky Garcia, a junior Philosophy, Politics and the Public major and editor-in-chief of The Xavier Bellwether. “Not only do we provide a publication that presents original interdisciplinary analyses, but we also provide a variety of opportunities for students to get involved and pursue their own expertise while also putting their education into practice.”

The staff includes students majoring in finance, English, economics and education. Garcia hopes to add more contributors as the scope of the 15-page publication expands.

“As we grow further, we eventually plan on working within individual teams that write about their own expertise and then congregate with the larger group as we coordinate the publication of that upcoming issue,” Garcia said.

The Fifth Third Trading Center manages the trading room in the Williams College of Business' new location in Schmidt Hall. It is the largest Bloomberg trading room among universities in the country. Bloomberg is a news, economic and analytic platform with real-time and historic market data and information used by the finance profession.

In addition, the Fifth Third Trading Center supports the Xavier Student Bond Investment Fund and the D'Artagnan Capital Fund. Each fund is managed by Xavier students.

The first issue of The Xavier Bellwether is available online. The next installment is expected to be posted during the week of April 22-28.