"The Rome Experience" by Xavier University students and faculty and "Scream" by Saad Ghosn

Exhibition Dates: October 5 - November 6 Artists' Reception: Wednesday, October 5 5:00 - 8:00 pm | September 23, 2011

Xavier University and the Department of Art are pleased to present two exhibitions beginning October 5, 2011.


The Rome Experience presents works by Xavier University students produced on-site this summer during a three-week course in Rome, Italy as well as upon return to the States. The following students’ art will be displayed: Natalie Clark, Morgan Dorsey, Rebecca Lipps, Erin Rust and Tori Yontz, as well as Professor Suzanne Chouteau.


Scream - an exhibition of black and white woodcuts by Saad Ghosn. He states the following:

“In my artwork I use images as vehicle for my views and beliefs for a just and peaceful world, also as a tool for my messages towards a possible social change, for a better society and world. I view art as a reflection of the artist in his entirety and, therefore, “for the sake of the Artist,” “for the sake of the Artist’s Life” and “for the sake of Life” in general. Art is potent and motivating and can lead the viewer into thinking and into action. In this respect I strongly believe in the power of art for the betterment of life.


In Scream Ghosn states his discontent with power-based politics and with the decaying values of our society. He denounces what he perceives as daily living violence, military might and control, prevailing lies, derailing standards, eroding freedom, disappearing human rights. His prints aim to say loud what he believes in, also what he finds wrong, what he considers is preventing us from living a better world, the world of justice and peace he dreams of.


A native of Lebanon, Saad Ghosn has been living in Cincinnati since 1985. A medical professional and an educator, he resorts to visual and spoken art to express himself and convey his views for a just and peaceful world. Saad believes that activism is at the heart of art expression, and that art is a potent tool for effecting a change. He is the founder of ‘SOS ART’ a yearly art event of creative expressions for peace and justice, and the editor and publisher of the yearly ‘For a Better World, Poems and Drawings on Peace and Justice by Greater Cincinnati Artists’. Until September 2011 and for two full years Saad has also written a regular column ‘Artists as Activists’ in the semi-monthly Cincinnati newspaper “Streetvibes.”


Please join us for an artists’ reception on Wednesday, October 5th, 5:00-8:00 pm. The Xavier University Art Gallery is open Monday-Friday, 10:00am-4:00 pm.