Technology training for faculty

August 7, 2012

Information Technologies announces a half day of concurrent sessions for Xavier faculty on a range of technology topics.  See for the session descriptions and the schedule. 

If you want to be familiar with classroom podium operation before classes start, if you'd like to know about the technology tutorials and help available to you and your students, if you would like to know more about connecting to Xavier network from off-campus -- or any of the ten topics we'll be presenting, please come on Monday, August 13 from 1-4 p.m.  You can attend any sessions you'd like; pick and choose according to your interests and needs.  We are offering each session more than once so you should be able to pick up all the pointers you'd like.  The full schedule is here:

Questions about the event?  Please call Mary Jenkins in User Support Services at 513.745.3916.