"Tales From My Grandmother's Attic" is being performed on campus beginning Dec. 4

Madcap Puppet Theatre and Xavier Players partnership produces its first show for young audiences | November 18, 2008

The first production by the partnership between Xavier University’s Department of Performing Arts and Madcap Productions Puppet Theatre is scheduled for Dec. 4-8 at the Gallagher Student Center Theatre on campus.

The holiday performance of “Tales From My Grandmother’s Attic” involves audience participation and requires all student actors to work with puppets. Actors were selected for their ability to create characters and character voices and for how comfortable they are relating to others through a puppet character.

The play is the story of two teenagers who sneak into their grandmother’s attic one day and discover an enormous old trunk. One opens the trunk and is sucked inside. Jasper, the monster of the trunk, holds him hostage until the other teenager can tell him a story he has never heard before. Nearby is a book of very old stories, and a number of creatures appear to help tell the stories in the book. But Jasper knows all these stories, so the girl recalls a story her grandmother told her, “The Cowardly Knight and the Dragon.”

Xavier Players Director Cathy Springfield and Madcap Artistic Director John Lewandowski created the partnership to bring the growing genre of puppet theater to Xavier students. Capitalizing on a niche market of theater for young audiences, Madcap is offering master classes in puppet theater to Xavier students. Although common in Europe, such partnerships are rare in the U.S., and the partnership at Xavier is unique in the region.

Performances of “Tales From My Grandmother’s Attic” are at 7:30 p.m. each day and at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 6. Tickets are $6 and can be reserved at 513-745-3576 or  by leaving a message at 513-745-3939.