Sustainability Day 2009

Keynote by Dr. Nancy Tuchman of Loyola University Chicago | October 9, 2009


Xavier University will celebrate Sustainability Day in 2009 on Tuesday, October 27 from 10-3:30 in the Schiff Family Conference Center. Sustainability Day replaces Academic Day this year. The events are not open to the general public, but the message is universally applicable.

No classes will be held so the entire university community can participate in some or all of the day's activities. Sustainable practices will help to shape the day's program, which will highlight local food as well as Xavier’s sustainability initiatives. Attendees are encouraged to come to work using alternative modes of transportation, such as carpooling, biking and taking the bus. Employees who choose such options will be able to report to work an hour later. “The day will also offer opportunities to learn about the work of many people to make our campus community more sustainable as well as the chance to contribute your own ideas to the Campus Action Plan for significantly reducing our carbon footprint,” says Kathleen Smythe, associate professor of history and co-chair of Xavier’s Sustainability Committee.
In 2008, Xavier president Father Michael J. Graham, S.J. signed Xavier’s name to The American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment, whose goal is becoming “climate neutral.” The agreement has now been signed by over 650 presidents. Goals include developing a plan of action and regularly evaluating its results.
“I think this is an important issue for society in general, universities included, especially Jesuit, Catholic ones like Xavier,” Graham said.
The plans for the day are:
10:00   Opening Remarks
10:05   Presentation by Sustainability Committee
10:45   coffee break
11:00   Dr. Nancy Tuchman, Director of the Center for Urban Environmental Research and Policy at Loyola University Chicago
11:40   Q&A with Nancy Tuchman
12:15   lunch
1:30     Breakout groups to discuss sustainable initiatives
2:15     President’s remarks on Sustainability
2:30     Campus Community Discussions
3:30     Conclusion / farewell 
The Center for Urban Environmental Research and Policy at Loyola University in Chicago was launched in the fall of 2005.  CUERP seeks to advance understanding of the complex interactions and feedback between natural and human systems, especially in large metropolitan areas, through interdisciplinary research that combines perspectives of demographers, social scientists, educators, human health scientists, political scientists, aquatic ecologists, soil and atmospheric scientists, lawyers and policy makers, and economists, among others. The CUERP faculty includes more than 60 researchers with expertise in environmental issues, representing more than 20 disciplines. Through Loyola's commitment to educate responsible young adults, the University is taking steps to enhance the university environment where students, faculty and staff can carry sustainable behaviors of resource conservation into their day-to-day lifestyles on and off campus.