Summer Safety Tips - Selecting an off-campus apartment

June 19, 2014

  1. When considering apartments, call the local police and inquire about crime in that neighborhood and any problems they are aware of.
  2. Drive around at night to see the lighting. Make sure the lighting is adequate and safe.
  3. Select a second floor (or higher) apartment that makes access to windows more difficult.
  4. Inquire how the apartment master key is controlled and used.
  5. Make sure there are deadbolts on the exterior locks.
  6. Always keep ground floor windows closed.
  7. Make sure you have opaque curtains that when pulled, cannot be seen through.
  8. Put a deadbolt on your bedroom door.
  9. Check to see if the apartment/house comes with an alarm system and outside motion detector lights.
  10. Get to know your neighbors and discuss safety precautions that they maybe aware of.
  11. Make sure the main entrance door is equipped with a "peep hole" and look before opening/unlocking the door for anyone.
  12. User timers/lights at night and whenever you are on vacation - make the apartment looks lived in and occupied.
  13. Make sure the exterior is well lit especially around entrances, sidewalks and parking areas.
  14. Take pictures/videos of your personal equipment/property and consider renters insurance.