Students participate in the 74th Annual Putnam Mathematics Competition

74th Annual Putnam Mathematics Competition Results | April 7, 2014

The 74rd Annual Putnam Mathematics Competition (sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America) took place on December 7 of last year. The Putnam is one of the most prestigious competitions in undergraduate mathematics, and is well-known for its very challenging problems.  Participants work independently on twelve problems and receive an individual score, although a school “team”, consisting of three individuals, received a composite team score for the university.  
Four Xavier students sat for the exam: Robby Cage, Matt Suggs, David Reddy, and Christine Schlafly (Robbie, Matt, and David formed the Xavier team).  The results are in and our students did quite well, as all three team members received scores above the median value, which was 1 point out of a possible 120. (That's right, more than half of the contestants received a 0 or a 1 on the exam; this is what is meant when the competition is described as very challenging!)