Students Chosen to Lead Student Government Association

March 10, 2010

Xavier University held elections for its Student Government Association (SGA) leaders on February 17th - 18th. Students could choose from among three slates of candidates for president, administrative vice president, and legislative vice president. A slate of three juniors was declared the winner.

President-elect Kevin Contrera, 21, is a junior from Akron majoring in biology. He has been a Senator for three years, and has made positive changes on campus through Gallagher Digital Advertising, Xavier’s Airport Shuttle for Holiday Breaks and Ryan’s Meal Exchange Program. The son of Ken & Peggy Contrera graduated from Archbishop Hoban High School. He states, “As the school continues to grow, we want to ensure that students are the primary focus. This means that we have to work towards a number of goals that have been consistently expressed by the student body.”

Administrative Vice-President-elect Blair Kmetz, 20, is a junior from Louisville double majoring in English and economics. She has spent three years on the Student Activities Council and has received awards such as SACer of the Year and SAC Committee Member of the year two years in a row. She is the daughter of Tom and Tammy Kmetz and graduated from Sacred Heart Academy.

Legislative Vice-President-elect Cristin Giacci, 21, is a junior from Sylvania majoring in sociology. She has been a Senator for two years and taken part in numerous programs such as Club Day on the Mall, Club Workshop, Club Day in Gallagher, and Club of the Month. The daughter of Joseph and Mary Giacci graduated from Notre Dame Academy.

The new team will be sworn into office on Monday, March 29. They have plans to create new and innovative changes on campus with ideas such as increasing funding to the hundred plus clubs and committees. Contrera’s goal is to start work on every platform initiative this coming summer, with hopes of finishing them before the start of the 2010 fall semester.