Student philanthropy program awards $12,000 to nine non-profit organizations as means of helping others and teaching how to give

| November 15, 2011

Xavier students awarded $12,000 in grants to nine non-profit organizations in Greater Cincinnati in November as part of the Dorothy Day Center for Faith and Justice's philanthropy program. The students in four classes selected non-profit organizations that dealt with a particular social issue, and then spent the semester researching and working with the organizations.

The four classes, which each received $3,000, and their selected organizations were:

• Introduction to Environmental Science gave grants to Granny's Garden School, Turner Farm and Greenacres Foundation.
• Theological Foundations gave grants to Interfaith Hospitality Network and Interfaith Business Builders.
• Medicinal Chemistry gave grants to IV-CHARIS and F.A.C.E.
• Health Services Administration gave grants to Visionaries and Voices, and Winton Place Youth Center.

A group of graduate students in the Health Services Administration program used the funds to pay for improvements to the play area at Winton Place Youth Center—clean and seal the blacktop on the playground, install a new basketball hoop and paint games on the blacktop. But they also went even further by pitching in to do the physical labor, and by enlisting undergraduate art students to design and create a playground mural.

“This assignment was a combined final for my course in strategic management and marketing of health care organizations," says Karen Kent, a visiting professor whose class made the grant to WPYC, "and for Tom Ruthemeyer’s course in corporate finance of health care organizations. We wanted students to get hands-on experience preparing a grant for a community charitable organization.”

The goals of the philanthropy program are: to promote community engagement that is beneficial for students, faculty and community partners; to broaden student understanding of course content through analytical and practical interaction with community assets and needs within the course objectives; and to cultivate the value of social investment with community organizations as a means of contributing to community well-being.

The philanthropy program was started in 2002. Since then it has been embedded in 38 classes including music, political science, marketing, theology, sport management and chemistry, and has involved 870 Xavier students. A total of $151,000 in grants has been awarded to 94 partner organizations.