Sonya Szabo-Reynolds Helps Publish Score of Missa Brevis

Previously unpublished score of Szabo-Reynolds' great-grandfather now available | August 23, 2013

Bohumil Fidler's Missa Brevis has been accepted for publication by Alliance Publications, Inc. Alliance Publications specializes in Czech, Slovak, and sacred/liturgical music. Their website is

Bohumil Fidler (1860-1944), Sonya Szabo-Reynolds great grandfather, was a Czech composer, choirmaster, choral conductor, organist and friend of Antonín Dvořák. It was to Bohumil Fidler that Dvořák wrote, “I am a simple Czech musician, not fond of such overstatements and humility. In spite of the fact that I often mingled amongst greats of the world of music, I nevertheless will always remain who I always have been... a simple Czech musician.”

Szabo-Reynolds was first made aware of the Missa Brevis when preparing the English translation of the composer’s memoirs, Bohumil Fidler: My Life and Memories, published by the Dvořák Society for Czech and Slovak Music in 2008. She subsequently learned that Fidler’s Missa Brevis had been performed as recently as 1999, and made contact with the conductor in the Czech Republic to obtain the score, available only in the original copyist’s hand. From this manuscript, she transcribed the work into a modern performance edition using Finale software.

Using this edition, Fidler’s Missa Brevis was performed in Cincinnati on several occasions by Xavier University’s Edgecliff Vocal Ensemble. A recording of EVE perfoming the work made a real impression and helped influence the decision to publish the work so that it can be appreciated by a wider audience both today and in the future.