Six Xavier University Army ROTC Cadets Selected

| February 1, 2012

This summer, the Xavier University Army ROTC Program will send six cadets all over the world as participants in the U.S. Army’s Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency (CULP) Program. This is the most cadets ever participating in one summer. The program provides cadets with a 30-day experience in a different country to gain an understanding of different cultures they could find themselves in as officers.

The U.S. Army’s CULP Program is highly competitive and seeks to prepare cadets for cultural immersion through academic projects and missions and leadership development. The program pays for 1,000 cadets to study in 33 different countries.

The Xavier cadets participating in this summer’s CULP Program are listed below, sorted by ZIP code.

(45212) Matthew Hammer, a sophomore psychology major at Xavier from Norwood, will travel to Tunisia.
(45242) Kathleen Pember, a freshman nursing major at Xavier from Cincinnati, will travel to Croatia.
(45327) Evan DeMott, a sophomore international business major at Xavier from Germantown, OH will travel to Guatemala.
(45385) Keith Topper, a sophomore political science major and education minor at Xavier from Xenia, OH will travel to Tunisia.
(46123) Nathan Leadingham, a sophomore criminal justice major at Xavier from Avon, IN will travel to Ukraine.
(85259) Madalyn Robbins, a freshman natural sciences major at Xavier from Scottsdale, AZ will travel to Ghana.

Xavier University first offered military instruction in 1877. Xavier ROTC has a number of distinguished alumni, including six general officers. Since 1991, Xavier's ROTC program has received the General MacArthur Unit Award eight times. This identifies the top ROTC units among all across the United States, and is based on an assessment of each program, including training, performance, and cadet academic grade point average.