Senior Thesis Exhibitions by Hind Arrajehi, Elissa Conte, Rachel Hembree and Lily Lovins

Artists' Reception: Friday, April 29 6:00-8:00 pm | April 20, 2011

"Inadequate" by Elissa Conte

Xavier University and the Department of Art are pleased to announce a thesis exhibition by four senior art majors:  Hind Arrajehi, Elissa Conte, Rachel Hembree, and Lily Lovins, April 29-May 6, 2011.

Hind Arrajehi presents Identity Translation - a visual presentation of her personal transition.  The artist states “The images in this show will be used to understand my transition – what I gained from it, how I interpret it and the people in this cultural education transition.”

Silent Partner by Hind Arrajehi

Elissa Conte presents Hidden Hurt - a series of screen prints.  Her intention is to raise awareness of the facades that people use each day despite whatever emotional pain they may be experiencing.

Inadequate by Elissa Conte

Rachel Hembree presents 99 Bottles on the Wall featuring label designs for wine, vodka, and beer bottles. Each bottle has been meticulously designed.  She has applied the design process to each label, creating company names and branding identities.


 Stelza by Rachel Hembree


Lily Lovins presents Fading Americans an installation of sculpture and ceramic pieces.  Her work portrays the struggles of eight species in North America that are either endangered or at risk.  The forms are abstracted to the point where the ability to identify them becomes difficult.  The animals are portrayed in actual scale.  Each form captures an essential quality of the animal represented either in movement or a physical characteristic.


Steelhead Trout by Lily Lovins

Please join us for the artists’ reception on Friday, April 29th, 6:00-8:00 p.m.