Senior Thesis Art Exhibitions by Steve Kinney, Quinn Orr and Erin Thompson

| April 25, 2013



Xavier University and the Department of Art are pleased to present the thesis work of three art majors:  Steve Kinney, Photography, Quinn Orr, Videography, and Erin Thompson, Media Installation. The exhibition opens on Friday, April 26th through May 11, 2013.  


Steve Kinney presents TORQUE - a compilation of photographs that exploit observed perspectives of architectural structures. Each image features a structure that is cropped so tightly, it is virtually unidentifiable. Manipulating basic elements such as line, shape, repetition, and color, he has created a set of images with various degrees of dazzling visual illusions. The white mattes accompanied with the hand-built white frames help establish a sterile, 2D world, essentially experimenting with the laws of perspective and geometry.  This body of work’s illusions creates a sense of visual dissonance (between familiar architectural forms), and leaves the viewer feeling an unprecedented sensation of visual “torque.”


Quinn Orr presents Candid Context – a series of interviews focusing on current issues. The artist states: “Our country has been deeply divided, long before our last election; but when was the last time we’ve sat down with one another to discuss our opinions? Surely we’re all mature enough to understand where the other is coming from, and no one wants this country to fail. So why do we characterize each other as doing so?” He discusses opposing views to try and come to terms with the realities of the current political atmosphere in the most unbiased and civil way possible.  


Erin Thompson presents PONG++ - a new media installation of the first arcade video game from 1972, PONG.  She is using NXT Mindstorm Lego robots as each paddle that pushes the ball on a tabletop, while the ball is covered in paint, or ink that rolls across the table on paper tracking the balls movement. The players of this game use a computer to control each robot, but see the original pong game on the computer by using Kinect made by Microsoft. The Kinect tracks the ball and robots motion and displays it on the computer for the players to see. The question that brought about this thesis is connecting the real world with the virtual world that so many of us get lost in with all the new technology that has come about in recent years. The original pong game does not even consider the laws that the physical world places on the ball, so combining the two should be interesting for not only the players but the viewers of this game. The inspiration comes from her love of computer science and art, by connecting these, as some may say, separate entities. 


Please join us for the artists' reception on Friday, April 26th, 6:00-8:00 p.m.